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    Do not wait for leaders ! Do it alone person to person !

    In this Life We Cannot do GREAT things !
    We can only do small things with GREAT Love !
    - Mother Teresa
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    "If you judge people,
    you have no time to love them"

    "It's not how much we give but
    how much love we put into giving"
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    Together We Can Save Many Lives
    Our mission is to help those
    who need it
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    Our Contribution To Ensure Children Their Rights & Health
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    ATCT Social Works - Child Hospitalization
    Children Education | Orphanage Child Home
Child Cancer
Child Open Heart
Dialysis & Kidney
Needy children
Support A Child
  • M. Avantika Details

    Age: 5 Month / Female
    Cause: Complex Open Heart Surgery
    Donation Required:
    Rs. 3,02,000 Thousand
    Mob No: 9840985777

    R. Yukteswar Details

    Age: 45 Days / Male
    Cause: (Open Heart Surgery)
    Donation Required:
    Rs. 1,80,000 lakhs
    Mob No: 9840985777

    R. Muthukumaran

    Age: 1.8 Years / Male
    Cause: CBD stricture and obstruction to Bile flow
    Donation Required:
    Rs. 1,50,000 lakhs
    Mob No: 9840985777

    M. Maadappa

    Age: 6 Years / Male
    Cause: Open Heart
    Donation Required:
    Rs. 2,22,000 lakhs
    Mob No: 9840985777

  • P. Pavithra Details

    Age: 10 Years / Female
    Cause: VSD Closure
    Donation Required:
    Rs. 1,75,000 lakhs
    Mob No: 9840985777

    S. Surya Details

    Age: 18 Years / Male
    Cause: ASD Device Closure
    Donation Required:
    Rs. 1,15,000 lakhs
    Mob No: 9840985777

    H. Shahdheen Details

    Age: 5 Years / Male
    Cause: Open Heart Surgery
    Donation Required:
    Rs. 2,00,000 lakhs
    Mob No: 9840985777

    A. KALEESWARI Details

    Age: 7 Years / Male
    Cause: Open Heart Surgery
    Donation Required:
    Rs. 1,10,000 lakhs
    Mob No: 9840985777


Founder Massage

Visionary accomplishments and way ahead Dear well-wishers, At the outset, I would take this privileged opportunity to thank God who has blessed us for rendering these incredible services towards Mankind. Indisputably we dedicate this success to our distinguished

Vision & Mission

To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children rights, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. A world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, Hospitalization Support : Open Heart Surgery, Closed Heart Surgery, Pediatric Cardiac Care, Cancer Care, Kidney Dialysis, Kidney Transplantation development and participation.

Annai Teresa Charitable Trust is an Indian organisation working for children's rights A Cross The Country. In India, we are working across 5 states to ensure that every child has a happy and healthy childhood. We are determined to build a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. We not only save children from the hardships of life, but we also work towards abolishing these hardships.

Child Survival

Nearly 1.73 million children die in India every year due to lack of treatment. We work with communities and the government health systems to improve child and maternal health care.

Child Protection

India has the largest number of child labourers in the world. We work to expose and prevent exploitative child labour practices. We also have child labour prevention programs in areas like West Bengal & Bihar where child trafficking is rampant.


7.1 million Children in India do not go to school. We work to ensure that all children join school. This helps them stay out of child labour as well as in building a promising future for them selves.

Responding to Emergencies and Disaster Risk Reduction

Children are the worst affected victims of natural disasters. We work to ensure their right to survival and development after an emergency by providing immediate support. We also train children to resist critical situations during natural disasters.

Our Presence

We have enriched our presence in nurturing the needy and destitute people's life for a Commendable period. Our Vintage in Philanthropy services, Fund Raising and other verticals of support towards Mankind are being appreciated by our esteemed Well-wishers / Donor's. Our persistent efforts has also resulted in significant Achievements. Comprehensive track record of our indispensable services towards the financially challenged community has created many milestones and will continue to do so,,,